DataGravityDataGravity founder and CEO Paula Long
For all the hype around "big data"—or tech that crunches through massive amounts of emails, tweets, video and other files to find useful information—some startups aren't yet making tons of noise. 
That's probably not going to be the case for much longer.
Startups that got funding a couple of years ago are starting to get some serious momentum. Others are still in stealth mode, busily putting the finishing touches on potentially game changing tech. 
Google, Facebook, Amazon and other web giants have harnessed big data to solve some of their biggest tech challenges. Now many of these engineers are setting out on their own with startups.
Some are focused on analytics. Some are working on in-memory databases, which do all their work on data stored in memory instead of hard drives.
Others are casting their lot with NoSQL, a new kind of database that spreads processing and storage across multiple servers and storage systems. 
And VCs are eagerly backing their efforts. 
"What's interesting about big data is that it's going to be a formidable investment area for many years to come. It's not like in 18-24 months I'll say hey, the big data wave is over," Ping Li, general partner at VC firm Accel Partnerstold us last February.