martes, 17 de septiembre de 2013

La masa crítica de adopciones en las empresas de redes sociales

The Tipping Point for Adoption of Enterprise Social Networks

Posted by Emilie Doolittle

How do you know when your enterprise social network is fully adopted? What is the tipping point?
Let’s look back at Everett Rogers’s Diffusion of Innovations  theory, popularized in 1995. Rogers defines the adoption of new ideas and technology  within a culture or social systems along a bell curve, where the successive adopters are grouped as follows: 1) innovators, 2) early adopters, 3) early majority, 4) late majority, and 5) laggards. Adoption reaches critical mass when there are enough adopters so that the network is self-sustaining.

While it’s unlikely that any organization will have100 percent adoption of an enterprise social networking tool (especially while many users may just be more passive observers as opposed to active participants), later users are more inclined to adopt the tool based on the influence of the earlier users. So trying to get the late majority and laggards to adopt may require more effort than it’s worth. It’s better to focus on maintaining adoption with your earlier users (including innovators and early majority). Once they start to demonstrate how valuable the tool is—the tipping point—then the rest will follow.


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