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Aplicaciones: ViewRanger para montañistas

ViewRanger... The GPS App for adventure

ViewRanger on your phone makes any outdoor activity better. Because whether you’re blazing your own trail or following a planned route, you’ll always know your GPS mapped location and can even share it with your friends using BuddyBeacon.

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Product Description

What is ViewRanger?

two phones.pngViewRanger is the mobile app that will turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful Outdoors GPS navigator, at a fraction of the cost of buying a dedicated GPS device. Plan, Plot, Navigate, Track, Locate, Record, be Guided, Analyse & Share your outdoor adventures using ViewRanger.
ViewRanger is fully featured and it will work virtually anywhere in the world using Open Source web maps or you can upgrade to detailed topo maps for the USA and a growing number of other countries. Whichever you use, it will keep working even without a mobile signal, as the maps can be stored on the phone - essential for exploring remote places. There's also a free web route planning tool that works seamlessly with the App, so you can plan and share trails using your pc. 

What you need

margie walker 1.pngAll you need to use ViewRanger is a compatible mobile phone. It runs on most phones that use either Apple, Android or Symbian operating system (OS), that's a massive range of smartphones. Check if your phone is compatible now.

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