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5 reglas doradas para el marketing en Facebook

5 Golden Rules Of Facebook Marketing That Every Successful Marketing Campaign Follows

successful facebook marketing rules
Facebook is the largest social media as of this time. It has over 1 billion users. In other words, its roughly 1/6th of the planet’s total population.
If Facebook is declared a country then it will be the third largest country for the world. Given the inhabitants of this nation are tech savy and elite of the world in many ways; It will be the best market to target in the world. In a nutshell no company or brand can ignore Facebook even if it want to.
When we got the seed funding to build the beta of; DecideQuick; world’s first social decision making platform, we were sure that social media will be our primary mode to get discovered. We started with our Facebook campaign targeting ‘early-adopters’. We shared things that were of interest to our targeted audience. Our page got 7K likes even before we launched our beta version. We were not just able to get some likes of our product page but we also created a mode of communicating with thousands of targeted users.
Requirements for running a successful Facebook Marketing campaign
Running a successful Campaign on Facebook requires you to have a better understanding of three things:
  • The Facebook platform
  • The psychology of Facebook users (Your targeted customers)
  • The reason Facebook users joined Facebook
In a nutshell you must understand what made Facebook the “The Next Big Thing”.

1.Facebook Is Fun Stop Marketing

If you are on Facebook only to talk about:
  • Your company
  • Your products
  • Your business
Please deactivate your Facebook account now because you are investing your time in making people hate you.
Facebook is a fun social media. People come to Facebook to catch up with people they care about, check status, upload and tag pictures, share videos. In other words they come to this virtual world to relax.
What are you doing to their ‘Fun’ time? Making it irritating for them by telling them to ‘like your pages’, check out your ‘new product’ and even worse “Please Like and share this new content that I have produced”.
Like my page funny image facebook marketing
Some awesome example of ‘fun’ Facebook marketing is depicted by the friends working for Durex. Have a look of their few campaigns
 fun facebook marketing
fun facebook ad campaign
You need to understand three things:
  1. The hard selling technique of irritating people with your selling pitches is not working any more.
  2. The methods that work in real world on these same people will not work with them when they are using Facebook.
  3. Finding more creative ways to interrupt people is also not going to work (sending more links and invites to your page or product)
You need to make sure that you are not interrupting them. So stop acting like marketing ‘Wannabe’ on Facebook. Instead in the words of Seth Godin

“Create an environment where people will market to each other”


2.Be Remarkable and Not Boring

On an average every Facebook user has around 300 friends. So every Facebook user gets newsfeeds of 300 people. If every one of these 300 people just updates one thing in their profile, Like one Facebook post and share only one post everyday; this makes it 3 newsfeeds per person so in total an average user gets 900 newsfeed every day.
This is just too much noise. You have to find out How to be the Signal among all these noise to catch the attention of the user.
Only way you can do that is by being Remarkable.
Remarkable isn’t necessarily good. It can sometimes be bad. I notice something on Facebook that is so disgusting that it compels me to tell my friends that ‘ I came across something so disgusting’; I marketing it for you.  If something is just good among many other good things on Facebook then I will just pass by it without sharing (Marketing).
Remarkable Facebook marketing campaign example
Some (absurd) example of Remarkable things:
  • So Cool! A resort in space
  • Erghh! What an ugly baby
  • Yikes! The blood is looking like Tomato Sauce
Similarly figure out what’s remarkable about you and just spread it.( You can get slapped by ten people and share the video on Facebook…As long as its not normal and regular its remarkable)

3.Engage: Bring others to say things

deeper-conversation on Facebook
We need to understand that when people are on Facebook they have their human side turned on. They want others to treat them like people and not like customers.
So the next thing that makes your Facebook campaign successful is building healthy relations with your targeted audience. You cannot have a one sided conversation with them and expect to build relations. You need them to engage and speak back to you
Best ways to engage with your audience on Facebook:
  • Replying to comments of your subscribers/followers/commentators
  • People love giving opinions, so ask for their opinions and share them
  • Your thoughts on “the new Facebook timeline”
  • Your thoughts on “X” Vs. “Y”
  • Run a quiz with free give-away
  • Host weekly or monthly contests
  • Help them Help you: Just help them whenever you can and in whatever way you can
  • Use your WHITE Brain cells
Remember that it takes time to nurture relations so be patient.

4.Timing and Persistence is the Key

Just know that posting interesting and amazing stuff is not enough. You have to post these amazing things also on the correct time.
“Average page only reaches 7% of its fans daily.”
                                                     [Source: PageLever.com]
So dig deeper into your customers and find out when are they most active on Facebook.
Also make a strategy that how much or how little you will be posting on your company page. You have to keep in mind that too much posting might bore them and turn them off and too less might just make them forget about you.
Screen shot decidequick engagement
We recently conducted a few tests using the DecideQuick Facebook page. We posted different kinds of contents at different times and calculated the reach, shares and likes for them. Based on that data we came across a few conclusions.
The best time to posts are:
  • 11-1 pm and 8-10 pm for new gadgets
  • 2-4 pm for news information
  • 6-8 pm for funny and non- tech stuff
Similarly you should also find out the best time to posts on your Facebook pages.You can see the difference in the screenshot above. Some posts are reaching thousand of people and some to only a few hundred. The only difference is the time that these posts got published.


5.Photos have their own magic

“More than 60% of the conversation happens through the sub-conscious part of our brain”
Marketers should remember that Facebook was created as a platform where people can share their photos. Period. Staying true to the spirit of Facebook can work wonders for your Facebook marketing campaign.
So keep on adding big and crisp visuals along with your messages. It has two benefits:
  • You message becomes a Purple Cow among all the White and brown cows
  • Your Message becomes more attractive and pleasant to see.
I was running campaign for a client  and experienced 137% rise in engagement when I started sharing Photos and videos instead of non-visual content.
So start sharing pics of your stocks as they arrive, New visual plans, and interesting videos.
A perfect example of effective Facebook marketing through pictures is shown below
Facebook marketing through pictures child abuse


I hope you liked this post and will find it useful. I think the above mentioned are the must have for any successful Facebook marketing campaign but I would like you to add a few more golden rules of Facebook marketing in the comment section below.

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