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Marketing: Cómo construir una audiencia con un presupuesto bajo

Feb 8, 2012 at 7:00 AM by  
DINKlife was born out of a need to unite the DINK community (dual income couples with no kids) by providing lifestyle content, events, activities and opportunities tailored for this growing demographic.
As a newly launched startup,  DINKlife partnered with Outbrain to build a highly engaged audience base by driving high quality traffic to their site. Given their modest marketing budget and an interest in actively managing their campaign, DINKlife used Amplify Self-Serve to amplify their content across Outbrain’s network of premium publishers.
With a low daily budget, flexible cost per click (CPC) and ability to add content regularly, DINKlife took advantage of the self-serve platform to manage their traffic and content recommendation links.
Starting with the network-recommended $0.15 CPC, DINKlife was able to maximize value by gradually reducing their CPC, enabling them to achieve a higher volume of clicks with the same daily budget. The key to this was submitting regular content and working with Outbrain to create the most compelling headlines to generate reader interest.

  • Outbrain traffic was far more cost-effective than all other digital marketing channels.
  • The CPC on Outbrain was far more sustainable and cost-effective than those on Facebook and Google Adwords.
  • Time on site and registration levels from DINKlife.com’s content recommendation links were 2X higher than Advertise.com and other marketing channels.
  • Traffic to DINKlife.com was 2x their monthly average with the the most volume and highest CTRs than other channels.
  • Transparency of reporting and simple-to-use dashboard allowed DINKlife to control and optimize all aspects of their campaign with ease.

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